"...I will use my power to help the sick to the best of my ability and judgement; I will abstain from harming or wronging any man by it..."



I have provided opinion on the following topics:

Asherman's syndrome (e.g. diagnosis, treatment)
Caesarean section (e.g. bowel injury, bladder injury, ureter injury, post-operative fistula, retained swab, haematoma, abscess)
Consent (e.g. failure to obtain informed consent)
Contraceptive failure (e.g. Norplant)
Ectopic pregnancy (e.g. delayed diagnosis, medical management, surgical management)
Endometrial ablation (e.g. bowel injury, pregnancy)
Endometriosis (e.g. late diagnosis)
Episiotomy (e.g. pain and need for refashioning)
Female sterilisation (e.g. failure)
Fibroids (e.g. diagnosis, treatment options)
Hysteroscopic surgery (e.g. uterine perforation, fluid overload, bowel injury, back injury)
Infertility (e.g. effect of multiple laparotomies on fertility)
Intrauterine contraceptive device (e.g. uterine perforation, pain on insertion, "lost" IUCD, pregnancy after insertion, failure of removal)
Laparoscopic hysterectomy (e.g. postoperative haemorrhage, bowel injury, ureteric injury, gallbladder abscess)
Laparoscopic surgery (e.g. bowel injury, vascular injury (aorta, iliac vessels, inferior epigastric vessels), bladder injury, ureteric injury, instrument malfunction, CO2 embolism, surgical emphysema, postoperative haemorrhage, postoperative bladder dysfunction, nerve injury)
Laparotomy (e.g. wound infection, scar dehiscence, colo-vaginal fistula, retained foreign body)
Miscellaneous cases (e.g. borderline ovarian tumour, ovarian remnant, vaginal burn with speculum, vulval cyst, incorrect HRT, unnecessary oophorectomy)
Myomectomy (e.g. hysteroscopic, laparoscopic, open, operative complications)
Nerve injury related to surgery (e.g. femoral nerve, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, genitofemoral nerve)
Ovarian cyst (e.g. diagnosis, surgical management)
Perineal trauma at delivery (e.g. failure to suture tear, incontinence)
Road traffic accident (e.g. vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain afterwards, miscarriage, effect on pregnancy)
Sacrocolpopexy (e.g. bowel obstruction, infection, rectovaginal fistula, severe constipation)
Sacrospinous fixation (e.g. infection, post-operative pain, necrotizing fasciitis)
Subtotal hysterectomy (e.g. postoperative haemorrhage, bowel injury)
Surgery for vaginal prolapse (e.g. back injury)
Termination of pregnancy (e.g. failed termination, uterine perforation, haemorrhage)
Total abdominal hysterectomy (e.g. haemorrhage, nerve injury, ureteric injury, bladder injury, diathermy burn, bowel perforation, postoperative bowel adhesions, bowel obstruction, incisional hernia)
Undiagnosed pregnancy
Vaginal hysterectomy (e.g. bowel injury, haemorrhage, ureteric injury, bladder injury, rectovaginal fistula, postoperative urinary symptoms)
Vaginal repair (e.g. haemorrhage, postoperative urinary symptoms, postoperative vaginal adhesions, dyspareunia, recurrent prolapse, postoperative pain)

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